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Haiti needs more bibles,
can you help?

BHM is Out of Bibles

God’s Word is the cornerstone of our mission, and we aim to put it in the hands of every pastor, teacher, and hospital visitor.


Pastors, teachers, and hospital staff find themselves in situations where they are unable to provide a Bible to those who are hungry for the Word.


Your generous love offering will directly enable us to:

  • Equip pastors and teachers with Bibles to effectively shepherd and disciple their congregations and students.
  • Ensure that every visitor to our hospital receives the gift of God’s Word, offering spiritual comfort in times of physical distress.
  • Facilitate ongoing Bible study and discipleship, ensuring that every participant has access to their own Bible.

Would you help us as we raise $10,000 to distribute 1000 Bibles across our BHM communities? Your gift will not only spread the Gospel but also empower leaders and bring comfort to those in need. 


How can you help?

Handing out bibles in Haiti
Share on Social Media

Through social media or an email, encourage your friends to contribute to this project. You can follow and share on Facebook, Instagram & LinedIn.

Church and Bible
Conduct a Love Offering

If you are a church leader, consider dedicating a portion of a service to collect a love offering for Bibles. Interesting in this option?

Send an email to let us know!

Pray for the Project

We covet your prayers for this initiative, that the Lord would provide through His people, and that the Bibles would bear much fruit in Haiti.

Learn More about BHM

Our Footprint Across Haiti is Vast

We serve Haiti across six out of ten provinces. We serve Haiti through 350 churches, 240 schools representing 30,000 students and a hospital serving an area of 250,000 people. 

The numbers in each region represent the number of BHM schools in that region. 

Trusted by Compassion International, Parole et Action, USAID, Samaritan’s Purse

Other Ways to Partner

Three ways to help


The easiest and most impactful way to partner with is through prayer. We believe God listens to the prayers of his people. When you join our prayer team, we will send out updated prayer requests to you know exactly how to pray for the ministry.



Want to know how the gospel is transforming lives in Haiti? Join our newsletter in order to recieve the most up to date information about BHM. Als, let us know what you are interested in learning more about and we will send you customized information!



Support a school financially by becoming a monthly supporter. For as little as $40 a month you can support a school, and impact a community. Once a quarter we send out a school update that shares about the current students and how your are making an impact.


Our promise to you

100% of School Sponsorship money goes directly to Haiti, we do not hold anything back in the United States.