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Change the Life of a Child

Children are precious in God’s eyes – let’s give them a chance to glorify Him. Too many children in Haiti are growing up without a Christian education and medical aid let’s give them a brighter future.

For over 70 years, BHM has been at the forefront of changing lives in Haiti through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and by the love, freedom, and wisdom it brings. We have seen the radical transformation that can take place in a society and culture as a result of the Gospel, and it is our goal to see it spread to every person in Haiti.


BHM provides services for children, youth and adults in urban and rural communities across Haiti. For more than 70 years we have transformed lives through the love and compassion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our programs are designed to meet the material, emotional, and spiritual needs of vulnerable people, so they can live healthy, prosperous lives according to the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Jesus in Matthew 28:19-20 calls on the Christian community to demonstrate our faith by reaching people in the far ends of the world with His message of love, repentance, and salvation. BHM works with over 350 churches in Haiti, and we are committed to their growth and maturity. Our commitment to expanding strengthening and equipping community-based churches has resulted in remarkable transformation and led to a thriving BHM community.


Showing compassion and sharing the gospel allows BHM to positively transform communities through sustainable development. Our development programs are located in communities where the need for transformation is greatest. Since arriving in Haiti, BHM has constructed clinics, hospitals, schools, churches and farms for the social, spiritual and economic renewal of Haiti.

The BHM staff and volunteers are diverse in culture and background. Our team is united by a single goal: a desire to reflect the love of Jesus Christ and support the growth of the church in Haiti.