Our Vision

As an organization following Jesus Christ, we exist to bring life transformation to every man, woman, and child in Haiti.

Our Mission

As a ministry of Mission of Hope, BHM works to advance the Gospel in Haiti through the church, education, medical care and development.


Serving over 55,000 students across a network of 350 schools throughout Haiti, our aim is to provide an excellent, Christ-centered education while encouraging good attendance through nutrition, equipping schools with Gospel-focused curriculum, and providing additional support through ongoing teacher training


Working through over 350 local churches in Haiti, our aim is to build healthy churches that own the lostness of their communities and faithfully share the hope of Jesus Christ through compassion ministry, discipleship and evangelism. Many of these Haitian churches are sending their own mission teams into remote areas of Haiti and are seeing incredible multiplication through their efforts.


Caring for over 60 patients per day, The BHM Hospital is recognized as a leading medical center in the region, providing care in services ranging from orthopedic surgeries, to primary care, maternity care, dental care, and community health. We believe medical care is one of the greatest opportunities we have to minister to acute needs, and share the great hope of the Gospel with our patients.