Pastoral Training



The foundation of our knowledge of God rests upon knowing what he is like. Without understanding God’s attributes, we have a skewed perception of him–often one cast in our own image. We need more than just a theoretical knowledge of God in order to worship him as he desires. This classic work of Arthur W. Pink invites readers to discover the truth about seventeen attributes of God, including his sovereignty, immutability, patience, love, faithfulness, and much more. Pink shows readers a God who is alive, all-powerful, and active in his creation. The perfect introductory text. The Attributes of God also has enough depth and meat to satisfy the more experienced reader.

We have now raised enough funds to translate this resource. We are working now to decide what the next book should be that will help develop a more biblical perspective of who God is and what we can expect from him.

We are grateful for the partnership of The Gospel Coalition International Outreach for working with us to make this resource available far beyond the Baptist Haiti Mission network.