Quality, Christ-centered education is a cornerstone of life transformation. With over 55,000 students in more than 350 schools, it is our goal for every student to receive a meal, excellent school curriculum, and repeated opportunities to hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ. We also provide opportunities for higher education and equip Haitian teachers to educate students with a biblical foundation.


Presently, one out of three children does not complete the sixth grade. Only one in five moves on to secondary education, and less than six in 100 will complete high school. Education brings stability and opportunity, opening doors for innovation and progress.

  • Impact: BHM has a network of over 350 schools with over 55,000 students enrolled.
  • Indigenous Leadership: 100% of our education program is Haitian led with 1,300+ teachers, administrators, and school staff.
  • Sustainability: We are working for each school to be on a path to financial sustainability.
  • Excellence and Transparency: Every school reports metrics around the four objectives of the Lespwa Initiative.

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