Lieb Family Update, 2017

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Thankful Hearts and Big Changes

We have been incredibly blessed by your faithful support and prayers over the years!  It is amazing to realize that we have been missionaries for 18 years, now! It doesn’t seem that it’s been that long.  Although we have not been the best of communicators during that time, you have continued to uphold us in your prayers and supported us faithfully. ‘Thank you’ cannot begin to express our gratitude. We have been blessed to be part of the God’s work in Molokai and here in Haiti.  God called us to minister in Molokai for 5 years, and then called us to minister here in Haiti at Baptist Haiti Mission (BHM) for the last 13 years. And now, God is again calling us to another change of direction.  We will be leaving the ministry here in Haiti and returning to Maryland, where I will be taking the role of church pastor.  Our hearts are overwhelmed as we reflect on how much love and support you have poured into our family and our ministries over the past years. You all have been such a huge part of His ministry both in Molokai and here in Haiti. Thank you so much for your faithfulness!

On-Field Update

We have so many new things going on here at BHM, added to our new calling back to Maryland. This seems like such a quick change, but as we look back, God has been working and clearly directing us along the way. Our hearts are very torn as we contemplate our move, but knowing that God is in it brings comfort and assurance to us.

We are planning to leave Haiti at the end of March to take on this new position.  We have much work to do so that there is good continuity for the tremendous work that is going on here in Haiti.  Kelli and I have had two main roles here, as I have been the Director of Baptist Haiti Mission and we have also been the Directors of the Camp and Conference Ministry.  God has provided a new Director and a great staff to take over the administration and direction of BHM, so we praise God for that transition.

We are still helping with the final touches of that transition, and are also finishing what we started with our summer program for camp.  This includes leadership camps and the details of the program for the camp where over 1,200 youth and children from all over Haiti will be attending.  Our camp theme for this year is “Stand Firm, We are in a Spiritual Battle.” Our passages of scripture to focus on are 1 Peter 5:8-10 and Ephesians 6:13-18.   We are so excited as we are planning this, to see how God will use it!  We have been bombarded with the reality of the spiritual battle that is waging around us. Who are my real enemies? How do we fight them? How to we stand strong against enemies we can’t see? Where do we find strength? What are my enemy’s tactics? These are just a few of the questions we hope to answer this year at camp. Please pray for us as we work on this.

We would like to request prayer for our staff here. As many of you know, they are really like our extended family here in Haiti. This news has been difficult for them, as well. There are so many things that we are trying to walk them through during the next month so they will be able to keep everything going until the new Director of Camp comes. Please pray for clarity and understanding, as we tackle topics like budgets, copiers, suppliers, computer programs and other things that we help the staff with, for they need to be able to handle it all, for a time.
Since we are still waiting for a new Camp Director, this will mean that we will take a few trips back to Haiti to run our leadership camps and finish up all the details for our summer program.

Moving Forward

Kelli and I are incredibly thankful for the opportunity to live and serve the people of Haiti.  We leave a part of our hearts there and pray that the work of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ will continue to live on in the lives of the friends and staff we have known there all these years.  We also especially pray for our co-laborers at Baptist Haiti Mission.  Our brothers and sisters at BHM are among the most humble, dedicated servants we have ever known.  While we do intend to continue to be supportive of the work with BHM, it is with sadness that we know we will not be able to be in daily fellowship with this incredible group of people.

We are encouraged that God is continuing to bless the ministries of BHM.  I am very happy to see that, even as we leave, the mission is moving in positive directions and increasing its effectiveness here in Haiti.  BHM is working to bring on some new missionaries into our family, including a new Field Director.  We are also starting new infrastructure projects in both Fermathe and Atrel in the upcoming year.  We are incredibly thankful for all God is doing with our BHM family and pray it continues.

In Christ,

Chris &Kelli,
Christopher, Brianne, Abigail, Hannah,
& Elizabeth

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