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BHM’s Intern Reflection:

My name is Samuel Johnson, an intern at Baptist Haiti Mission. I joined the team at the office in Louisville, Kentucky on February 10th of this year, and it’s been a great ride. I have learned that having a great team matters and BHM is blessed with one. Dan Mcgill, the one who hired me, was a great boss. He was ex-military, which made him seem intimidating at times (especially in my interview), but what I came to appreciate the most about him was his caring spirit. When discussing work, he would often end or begin the conversation with a simple question—“How are you doing?” and contrary to American culture, he actually cared. Next, there is Alesha. If I had to describe her in one word, it would be “faithful.” Alesha handles many things, but her main tasks include projects that take a long time and are not the most glamorous to do, yet her effort has been the glue that keeps BHM functioning. Joshua, the Communications Coordinator, is funny, caring, godly, and humble. He works hard to portray BHM well to the digital world and does a great job at it. He is a good friend and has been a joy to work alongside. Last, is my new boss, who is the new Director of Development, Aaron Scott. Aaron came in to replace Dan McGill, who left for a military position in Germany and has been a blessing to work alongside. One thing that has impressed me the most about Aaron is his prayerfulness. He understands that unless God builds Baptist Haiti Mission, we will labor in vain. Unless God recruits the child sponsors, we will have the sponsorship in vain. Unless God supplies for the new hospital, our plans will be in vain. God must do the work, and Aaron trusts that God will accomplish it. This group of people is only a small portion of the team who works for Baptist Haiti Mission, and I am thankful for every one of them.

So why did I take the time to share about the people that I have worked within the past few months because people are what constitute a ministry? By the grace of God, BHM is in good hands, and I want people to know this fact. It can be noted that when God provides godly, prayerful, and fruitful workers for a ministry, He is often at work in blessing that ministry. I believe this to be the case with BHM.

          I will be leaving soon for another opportunity that God has opened up, and I do not know if the Lord will have me serving at BHM again, but I am grateful for my time here, and I am excited for what God has in store. I will be praying that God moves in Haiti and brings about the salvation of lost souls for His glory, and I ask that you also join me in this endeavor.

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