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Hello! I’m Wallace Turnbull in Haiti.

My heritage is for centuries a family of Scotch evangelical Christians, often home missionaries leading others to know the Lord. My great-grandfather emigrated from Scotland to Manitoba and founded a little church there. He is buried next to the chap who wrote “What a friend we have in Jesus”, in a tiny house lot size cemetery. When the steamship was invented, his son my grandfather John C. Turnbull was a businessman partner with A.B. Simpson who got the evangelicals of North America to start sending missionaries to the world in darkness.

When I was four, my Uncle Walter who replaced Simpson at his death asked me what I was going to be. I said, “A missionary,” and he lit up, called to my dad “John! Did you hear what Wallace said?” I’ve never wavered, so when the door opened for service in Haiti, I knew it was my time. I thank the Lord for the privilege of working 74 years teaching of God’s love and as Jesus said, ALL He’d taught me – His mind, healthy actions, care of the ecology, farming, the value of schools and roads, etcetera. May you too do what you can to help us help others.


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We need your help.