10,000 Reasons

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10,000 Reasons

By Darci Arnett:

This past December I was blessed with an opportunity to serve in Haiti for the third time. During this trip, the team traveled to Atrel to help put up fences, and carry rocks that would soon create a rock wall. Along with the manual labor, we also helped run a VBS program for a local church. The highlight of any missions trip for me is always playing with the children. And, therefore, I completely expected it to be the highlight of this trip as well, but God had other plans.

On the second day in Atrel the morning work was complete and so was the last day of VBS. We made our way back to camp for free time and dinner. During free time some of the Haitian workers (Johnny and Timothy) needed to go to the village to buy some charcoal. Some of the girls talked Johnny and Timothy into letting us go with them. Once we had arrived at our destination in the village Johnny and Timothy hopped out of the gator and left us there in the middle of the road surrounded by tons of little Haitian children, I was in complete bliss. Soon after they left I began playing with the children, an elderly woman stepped out of her home and walked up to us. I asked the children if I could take their photo, but the elderly woman answered for them with a not so lovingly no.  Brushing this off my shoulders I continued playing and singing songs with the kids. The only song I knew in creole was 10,000 reasons, so I began to sing, and surprisingly the children sang along with me… mission accomplished, right? Wrong. It was now time to leave, and that’s when I heard it. I heard a loud humming in my ear, a humming in the tone of an elderly woman. In my head I was thinking, “There’s no way” but sure enough I turn around to see the not so friendly elderly woman humming along to 10,000 reasons. Completely taken over by the Holy Spirit I walked up to the woman and began to sing with her.  She held out her hands and lifted her head to the sky. I was worshipping the Almighty God with a woman who could not even speak the same language as me. While I was singing God answered two of my prayers. He answered a prayer that I had written that morning begging Him to give me an opportunity to break the language barrier and share the Gospel with others. He had also answered a prayer from months before when I was in a state of fear and confusion about what my future would look like. During that moment of pure worship He so clearly showed me that ministry is my calling, and I have never felt more at peace about a decision before in my life.

Trust me I know being patient is like pulling teeth (especially when it has to deal with huge life decisions), God may take you down the road or to another country before He sees fit to give an answer…  but I promise God’s got your back. Stay Faithful Y’all!

You got the Creator of the Universe looking out for you… How awesome is that?

My love always,


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