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The heart of BHM ministry is to strengthen the local church in Haiti. We work with a network of over 350 churches to disciple men and women according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ through many different programs including; Pastoral Training, Youth ministries, leadership development, and construction projects.

Voodooism, on the other hand, is practiced by roughly half of the Haitian population, making it the dominant religion. Voodoo offers illusions of power and is used to control the masses by mistrust and fear. In April of 2003, an executive decree by President Jean-Bertrand Aristide sanctioned voodoo as an officially recognized religion.

From the beginning BHM’s primary goal has been to bring individual people to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Through biblical education and training, BHM seeks to assist individuals and the Church as a whole to grow in knowledge and spiritual maturity.

BHM works alongside the local churches of Haiti, encouraging and helping church leaders to rise up and seek change and growth. BHM offers a number of ministry aids and resources as well.

  • Camp and Conferences
  • Summer Bible Institute
  • Leadership training
  • Construction