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Sponsorship Sunday

Your willingness to share from your heart about why sponsoring a child is important will reap great benefits for children and families who are suffering.

You can do it! Hundreds have gone before you, and even more will be joining with you this year. We applaud your efforts to be a voice for the children. You are not alone. We are here to help you every step of the way.

NOTE: If you are a Canadian and would like to financially support Baptist Haiti Mission, please visit Baptist Haiti Mission of Canada.

Sponsorship Sunday Kit includes:

  1. Event Guide
  2. Event Presentation
  3. Sign-Up Sheets
  4. Child Sponsorship Leaflet
  5. Presentation Table Example
  6. Sponsorship Poster
  7. Child Sponsorship Photos

Download now and start today!

Call us at (502) 491-0028 or email bhmus@bhm.org with any questions or ideas you have. We want to hear your plans and ideas, and share some of our own too!