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For over 30 years, BHM’s Child Sponsorship program has been impacting the lives of thousands of children all over Haiti. Our Christian education system seeks to develop the spiritual, physical, and mental well being of each child. For $30 a month, you can help to provide a Christian education, a uniform, school books, medical aid, and training for teachers. 100% of your $30 is sent to the field to be used solely for the Child Sponsorship Program.*

Becoming a sponsor is simple, see how!

Benefits of sponsorship


The opportunity to receive medical aid is not always an option for children due to the high expense. Children within the sponsorship program receive the necessary vaccines, as well as medical assistance if sickness arises, or they are involved in an accident.


Books are the stepping stone to a great mind. They enable a child to travel around the world without ever leaving their village. As we seek to provide an education for the children of Haiti, our desire is to supply the many needed books for each sponsored child.


School uniforms are required for students in Haiti. The uniform offers pride and displays unity within the school. When a student walks down the street in a uniform, it communicates their opportunity for education and ability to grow into a well rounded individual.

Life Change

The sponsorship program provides children with opportunities never imaged. Our sponsors become a catalyst within a child’s life as the Lord shapes them into the person He created them to be. The experience for the sponsor becomes life changing as they interact with their child through letters, visits, prayer, and gifts.

Sponsorship Sunday

Want to help spread the word? Join us by hosting a Sponsorship Sunday at your church or small group. This is your opportunity to share your heart for the children of Haiti and to invite your friends and family to join you in sponsoring a child who is in need. It’s easy! Just click on this link to access everything you need to host a BHM Sponsorship Sunday event and to make a difference in the lives of children in Haiti.

Download the Sponsorship Sunday kit today and get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

*This contribution is made with the understanding that Baptist Haiti Mission has complete control and administration over the use of the donated funds. If Baptist Haiti Mission cannot honor your preference, your gift will be used where most needed. All gifts are in US dollars and receipts are valid for US tax deductions only.