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Northland Friends and Alumni
Coffee and Networking Gathering
Co-Hosted with ABWE
At the Ice House in Louisville
On April 12th from 2:30-4:00 pm
During the week of T4G

The goal of this coffee-time is to provide the Alumni and Friend of Northland International University to network and collaborate with each other.

The vision for this coffee and get-together came out of a conversation I (Aaron Scott) had with Scott Dunford about some of the results of Northland’s closure, particularly in relation to the lack of networking and cohesion among its Alumni. As a student, I did not fully understand the importance of Heart Conference and Missions Conference because I was so focused on my own intake. I enjoyed listening to speakers like Dr. Doran, Dr. Jordan, Dr. Davey, and Doc O. It was such a blessing! What I didn’t realize as a student was that these conferences were not only meant for spiritual growth for the students, but the conferences were a way for Northland Alumni and friends to come together to encourage each other, network with each other, and collaborate in ministry. It allowed pastors and like-minded believers in our Northland “tribe” to be able to build friendships and relationships. With the closure of Northland, those relationships are still there, but those conferences are not. As I have run into Northland alumni at various conferences I’ve attended, there is this sense of “I don’t know what tribe I am a part of now.”

One of the biggest values of attending T4G, TGC, Shepherds, Bethlehem, and BJU’s Bible Conference is the fact that you get to bump into pastors and ministry friends in the “Northland Tribe.” It is Scott’s and my goal to help facilitate this type of networking and collaboration among Northland Baptist Bible College friends and Alumni.  I have asked Dr. Olson to lead a works-of-God testimony time where we can hear about things God is doing around the country in the lives of fellow Pioneers. We will have representatives from various missions agencies and para-church ministries who have Northland friends or Alumni on the staff, which will provide an opportunity for us as Pioneers to collaborate in ministry together.