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Rate Increase for CSP

Why is BHM increasing the rate for Child Sponsorship?

Essentially the cost of medical aid and educational recourses have  increased. We are striving to improve our child sponsorship program by paying our teachers at a more competitive rate which will help to retain our teachers.

How can I immediately change my $25 donation to $30 donation?

1. For your next monthly payment, simply make your next pledge in the amount of $30.

2. Call 502-491-0028 or email childsponsorship@bhm.org notifying us you would like to begin the $30 rate today.

I am an annual donor, how will this affect my donation that I  already gave in 2017?

1. You may wait until 2018 to change your rate.

2. You can fully support your child for 2017 by sending the additional amount. If you have questions about how much that increase will be call 502-491-0028 or email childsponsorship@bhm.org.

I give through an automatic CC payment or through an EFT, how will this affect me?

For All automatic CC or EFT payments, we must have your consent to increase your withdrawals.

1. Call 502-491-0028

2. Or email childsponsorship@bhm.org notifying us you would like to begin the $30 rate.

I am not able to make a payment, but I still want to support the education of children. Am I still able to do that?

Yes! You can donate to the general Education fund. This cost provides funding for necessary school supplies and building upkeep. By funding Education, you are still able to support the children of Haiti and help further their Christian education.