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Fall 2017 Highlights: Reformation articles by Dr. Albert Mohler, Dr. Brian Payne, Maxime Pierre Pierre, Bill Walsh.

Summer 2017 Highlights: Daniel Jean-Louis, Child Sponsorship, The Deaf School, The Turnbulls’ honorary doctorate.

Spring 2017 Highlights: Hurricane Matthew Relief, New Field Director, Lieb’s Departure, Pastors Conference in Haiti, and more.

Summer 2016 Highlights: Celebration of over 70 years of BHM’s Ministry, Growth of the Church, and Sewing Ladies.

Spring 2016 Highlights: Kyrk Baker Missionary update, Praising God in Difficult Times, Update from Chris Lieb, and Child Sponsorship Thanks.

Winter 2015 Highlights: Helping the Widows and Orphans, Crossings Dedicates Building to the Turnbull’s, and Child Sponsorships.

Fall 2015 Highlights: Article on Discipling all Nations, Summer Bible Institute, Mountain Maid, and Meet the Minners.

Summer 2015 Highlights: Summer Updates, Letter from the Local Leaders, Child Sponsorship Update,  and A Call to Prayer.

Spring 2015 Highlights: The Legacy of the Turnbull’s, Letter from David Melber, Bard of Directors, and Mountain Maid.

Winter 2014 Highlights: Church Development, Field Notes from Chris Lieb, and story from Child Sponsor Jhonbino.

Summer 2014 Highlights: Encourage Discipleship, Field Notes from Chris Lieb, and Daily Discipleship.

Spring 2014 Highlights: Field Notes from Chris Lieb, Introducing the Cowley family, and the Dearing Family.