2010 Earthquake

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2010 Earthquake:

Civil war, riots, coup d’etat, hurricanes, and earthquakes are all things that the Bakers faced
during their ministry in Haiti. From 2003 till 2015 the Bakers went through a
lot of difficulties, but God kept them safe. A brief timeline of their
hardships began in 2004 with a hurricane and the impeachment of the president
which led to civil riots. In 2008, four more devastating hurricanes hit in a
matter of months. Then in the climax of disasters, the earthquake hit in 2010 that
devastated Port-Au-Prince.

The impact of this earthquake, however, stretched beyond destruction. In the
extreme difficulty following the earthquake, God was fostering an even stronger
need to rely on Him. By His grace and love, an abundance of help was provided
for BHM. In this time of stress and hardship, the Bakers saw the Church rise
and help those around them. The churches that BHM works with started having all
day services of prayer and worship, they set up tarps for those who lost their
homes, and they partnered with Samaritans Purse who helped them train
individuals so that they could go back and help others in their hometown.

On the day of the quake, Rob Baker and Chris Lieb were in their office talking about
two projects that needed to get done, but they could only afford to do one. As
they were talking, they started to feel the room shake violently, so, they ran
out in haste. Once the shaking stopped, and they made sure everyone was safe
they started checking the buildings for damage. The only building that
collapsed on campus was the one they were talking about fixing. God answered
their prayers by damaging the building in the exact spot they were going to
tear down and repair. God is faithful to those who love Him. The light of
Christ in the midst of the deep suffering caused by the earthquake is an
incredible testimony of the character of God and his work through BHM.

 Standing Strong in the Midst of a Natural Disaster:

“You remain secure by knowing that where you are is the safest place on earth.” Mrs.
Baker said. The Bakers knew that Haiti was the place God wanted them to serve.
If they were to leave they would be in more danger than being in the eye of a
hurricane if that is where God wanted them to be. The testimony of the Bakers
faith and trust in Jesus is beautiful. As believers, we are called never to
fear because God is for us. Therefore, when disasters come, and persecution is
everywhere, remember God is with you and will keep you safe in all things. An
excellent picture of this was when the hurricane hit Haiti; Rob told his whole
team, “If you need to leave and go back to the US, I would not be angry.” Not a
single member of his staff left. Why? No one left because they all trusted in
God’s words in Joshua 1:9 “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous.
Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you
wherever you go.” Though this verse is directed specifically to Israel, the
implications of this text are applicable to all believers. God does not let
those who are his children falter or fail. He guides them and protects them
through it all and in all circumstances. It is a blessing to see men and women
trust in God’s protection.

Reflection:1.Are you where God wants you to be? If so

1.Are you where God wants you to be? If so how do you know?

2.    Do you trust that if God is for you, no one can stand against you? Why?

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